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Antenatal classes,

Author "The Birthkeeper Of Bethlehem"


Birth wisdom,

Postnatal support,

Birth Trauma Healing,

Closing the Bones,

Birth Magic book creator

Founder of Your Baby's Biome


Shropshire based

Welcome to Bridget Antenatal

Be postitive about your birth and parenting journey

For the journey

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Get ready for your birth with hypnobirthing. Learn  learn effective pain management techniques and overcome any fears concerning labour and birth.  


NCT Classes

NCT Antenatal classs are evidence based, thorough and a great way to build your postanatal friendship group 

As an award winning antenatal teacher you can be sure to have a great class with Bridget.

As with all NCT courses some families can have help with costs. You might be eligible for up to 90% discount

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Getting ready

What do we need? 

Here you will find helpful links and lists

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The Infant Microbiome

Bridget is the Founder of and lecture on the Infant Microbiome

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Birth Magic Book

Birth Magic is a beautiful, inspirational desktop guide to getting ready for the birth of your baby. 

Girl Relaxing

Birth Trauma Healing

The 3 step rewind is a technique for overcoming birth trauma with quite remarkable results

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Practical Babycare Classes

Learn about looking after your baby - covering brain development, sleep, nappies, equipment and language acquisition - contact me for details. 

Here - learn why your newborn wants to be held and why that's actually perfectly normal baby behaviour.

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